About Us


Corporate Culture

  • Corporate Vision

    To be one of the clean energy enterprises with core competitiveness and core value

  • Principle

    Team up with others, fulfil the synergy

  • Business Direction

    Through grabbing the immense business opportunities of the clean energy development in China and around the world and continually and effectively investing and developing in new clean energy projects, the Group aims to continuously provide high-quality clean energy and services to improve the environment and becoming the most sustainable development and successful clean energy enterprise.

  • Management Philosophy

    Tell the truth and do practical work

  • Business Philosophy

    Pragmatic, Innovative and Brilliant

  • Recruitment Philosophy

    Talents with integrity will be lured with attractive rewards or may even be called on repeatedly;
    The mediocre with integrity will be offered junior positions, coupled with on-job training to enhance their skills;
    Those with no talent or integrity will be left to their own devices;
    Talents with no integrity do not stand a chance, for endless troubles will ensue if they manage to creep in.